Polyglot Genesis

The Cub language-switched for the first time today.

He speaks English to everyone but me who speaks to him in Afrikaans only. Not because I believe Afrikaans will be particularly useful to him here where we are outside of South Africa, but because I believe the ability to speak a second language will wire his brain for learning other languages that would be.

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Ziplines and Stuff

The stuff part eluded to in the title of this post is the pile of emotional shit I’ve got going at the moment. There’s light in the darkness; a zipline activity that launched last week and needed documenting.

I went to go swing my camera around, as I do, with no real vision of what I wanted out of it. Turned out alright, actually. If you can ignore the intermittent focus issues and camera sake, that is. Have a gander:

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KK Taxi Tales

This weekend past I went about Kota Kinabalu as a tourist, participating in the most anticipated activities; seeing sights and visiting islands, and also the most dreaded; entering the bare, exposed savanna that is KK Taxiland.

Taking a taxi in Kota Kinabalu is especially grating because taxi drivers are such vultures; patiently waiting for a weak or desperate customer to stumble by. It’s always a mission to get taxi drivers to use the government-mandated meter, and if you don’t, risk being ripped off. This weekend was a little different though.

Ride with me for good, bad and uplifting KK Taxi Tales. I’ll even use the meter.

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Mr Grumpy, Mr Amiable and Mr Obnoxious

“That’s terrible,” I reply to a friend who comments how un-grumpy I was during a recent, fun night out. “From now on,” I mock-threaten, “I’m going to make sure my blood-alcohol level is always 0.04.”

“A little alcohol dissolves Mr. Grumpy and surfaces Mr. Amiable,” I argue, “although,” I say, cautioning myself more than her, “too much alcohol strips away Mr. Amiable and exposes Mr. Obnoxious.”

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Sunday’s Franschhoek Fire Comes Knocking at Wemmershoek

On Sunday, on the way back from Ultimate practice in Stellenbosch, I saw a fire raging on the mountain slopes above Franschhoek. I thought nothing of it and was sure the authorities would have it under control soon enough.

Little did I know.

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Who Will Call to Buy, or Not, the Car You’re Selling?

With my car tagged and bagged, I have a few experiences to share about selling a car specifically in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and specifically using Mudah.com.my.

I’m not sure if this is specific to Sabah though, or whether it happens everywhere in Malaysia, but here are the people who will call to buy, or not, the car you’re selling.

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