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The more I know about how things work, the less and I understand why they work that way.

The Waitress said she would phone me last night, which she did’t. By now I’m sure you think this theme is getting a little old. Because I do. Which is why I kept reminding myself to chill a bit, not stress about stupid things, and what will happen will happen.

So, I watched, in bliss might I add, the third disc of the Matrix Trilogy, drinking hot water as if it was sipping whisky. This morning I had to get up early due to my cancelled-reinstated-cancelled-again-and-then-reinstated-again classes. Although I hate the concept of getting up early, it isn’t really such a bad thing.

Besides, the night was extra cold and thus this morning we had a very nice cover of snow. Still not even enough to throw around, but it makes me happy to see everything covered in white. Plus, my breathing has been a bit easier, as obviously the impurities in the air are trapped by the snow. Go snow!

Doing things

After lunch I went to Zhang Wan to visit what I thought was a travel agency, to find out about prices to fly to Malaysia to perhaps go visit TLG. It took me a good half hour to get the price of a flight from Guangzhou to Kota Kinabalu, and after all that it turned out to be really expensive.

I walked past The Restaurant, but didn’t go in on purpose, willing myself not to make contact. The urge to see the Waitres felt like when Neo flew into Agent Smith and was breaking him up from the inside.

Back at the school it was cold, I was bored, and I could think of nothing better to do… so I went to bed. My nice, warm, electric-blanketed bed. I slept.

Nobody missed Noodle Night

Thursday is noodle night, and the noodles are good, so it’s a big night and the most anticipate night of the week. I woke up at about 17:45 and set my alarm to make sure I didn’t miss Noodle Night.

At 17:50 the Waitress phoned and asked where I was. I said at home, sleeping. Oh, she said, ok, she’s going home. I asked why she phoned… she said no reason. I sighed. So I asked if she wanted to get some dinner. She said yes. She doesn’t understand, or even know, about Noodle Night, so she has no way of appreciating my sacrifice.

After dinner we were walking back to our Good Bye Point, as she was meeting her brother to go home. It was exceptionally cold, so I hooked into her. Usually, I just joke, because she’s shy to walk like that when it’s crowdy, so after a moment I wanted to pull back, but she pinched my arm and said “I like”.

As we neared The Point she said, “ok, we almost there, I say bye now. Bye”. I said ok, leaned over pretending to want to kiss her forehead; pretending I say, because I knew she would pull away. However, to my surprise, she leaned in and offered her forehead.

Again, I was surprised. As I pulled back she lifted her face up, lips pouting. Stunned for a second, I wasn’t sure if she was joking or not, but as I leaned in for that her eyes spotted some pedestrians and she turned away. She said, however, “tomorrow, I want to see you”. I played it casual and said “hmmm”, adding “what time?” after a moment. So we made arrangements, marking the first time she has expressed a desire to see me.

Confused. Again.

The only thing more prominent than my confusion is my glee. But hey, we take it as it comes. I know desperation kills passion, so who’s desperate? Not me.

Anyway, I listened to death and am giving myself a bit of break, plus indulging in an alternative method of learning as I think I might have burnt myself out. So now I’m trying to learn 3 Chinese songs. Yes, ambitious.

3 popular songs are “Like The Mouse Loves Rice” or in Chinese “Lau Shu Ai Da Mi” ( 老鼠爱大米 ) and Two Butterflies, “Liang Ge Hu Die” ( 两个蝴蝶 ) in Chinese. The other one is also my favourite, “Gotta love you” or “Bu de bu ai” ( 不的不爱 ).

It’s a lot of language, so it’s taking me a moment, but I know my KTV day will come soon, and then I want to impress with a Chinese song or two.

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