Like The Mouse Loves Rice / Lau Shu Ai Da Mi ( 老鼠爱大米 )

Ok, the Pinyin and literal words are my own translation efforts and thus might not be 100% accurate.

老鼠爱大米 ( 女 ) – Female Version
老鼠爱大米 ( 男 )- Male Version

The lyrics below comprise the following:

– The Chinese Characters
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– The Pinyin
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– The Literal Translation
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– The Idiomatic Translation
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Groups of underlined Pinyin indicates 1 word. The numbers represent the tones ( _ / \/ \ ), which are unimportant when you sing, but quite important when you speak.

Lyrics for Like The Mouse Loves Rice or Lau Shu Ai Da Mi ( 老鼠爱大米 ).

歌手: 杨臣刚
Artist: Yang Chengang

wo3 ting1 jian4 ni3 de sheng1 yin1
L: I hear your sound
I: When I hear your voice

you4 zhong3 te4 bie4 de gan3 jue2
L: get special feeling

I: I get a special kind of feeling

rang4 wo3 bu4 duan4 xiang3 bu4 gan3 zai4 wang2 ji4 ni3
L: let me unceasingly think not dare again forget you
I: it constantly makes me want to not forget you

wo3 ji4 de2 you3 yi1 ge4 ren2
L: I remember have one person
I: I’ll always remember there’s somebody

yong3 yuan3 liu2 zai4 wo3 xin1 zhong4
L: forever remain my heart centre
I: Who will stay in my heart forever

na3 pa4 zhi1 neng2 you4 zhe4 yang4 de xiang3 ni3
L: even if only can this way think you
I: even if I can only long for you this way

ru2 guo3 zhen1 de you3 yi1 tian1
L: if really have a day
I: But if there really comes a day

ai4 qing2 li3 xiang3 hui4 shi2 xian4
L: love sentimental ideal can realise
I: When this love becomes a reality


wo3 hui4 jia1 bei4 nu3 li4 hao4 hao4 dui4 ni3 yong3 yuan3 bu4 gai3 bian4
L: I can redouble efforts better to you forever not change
I: I will double my efforts to be true to you

bu4 guan3 lu4 you3 duo1 mo yuan3
L: no matter road have how far
I: No matter how far the road

yi1 ding4 hui4 rang4 ta1 shi2 xian4

L: certainly can let it realise
I: I will surely make this love come true

我会轻轻在你耳边对你说( 对你说 )
wo3 hui4 qing1 qing1 zai4 ni3 er3 bian1 dui4 ni3 shuo1 (dui4 ni3 shuo1)
L: I can gently in your ear to you say (to you say)
I: I’ll lean close to your ear, and gently say

wo3 ai4 ni3 ai4 zhe ni3
L: I love you, loving you
I: I love you, I’m loving you

就像 老鼠爱大米
jiu4 xiang4 lao3 shu3 ai4 da4 mi3
L: like mouse loves the rice
I: like the mouse loves rice

bu4 guan3 you3 duo1 shao3 feng1 yu3 wo3 dou1 hui4 yi1 ran2 pei2 zhe ni3
L: no matter have big small wind rain I will still accopany you
I: No matter how difficult, I will stay with you

wo3 xiang3 ni3 xiang3 zhe ni3
L: I miss you, missing you
I: I miss you, I’m missing you

bu4 guan3 you3 duo1 mo de ku3

L: No matter have big pain;
I: No matter how painful;

zhi3 yao1 neng2 rang4 ni3 kai1 xin1 wo3 shen2 me dou1 yuan4 yi4
L: so long as can let you happy I anything to want
I: I will do anything to make you happy

zhe4 yang4 ai4 ni3

L: like this love you
I: This is how I love you.

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5 thoughts on “Like The Mouse Loves Rice / Lau Shu Ai Da Mi ( 老鼠爱大米 )

  1. Hi Mscara74, it's one of my favourite Chinese for sure.

    There are few versions of the song floating around, although the original artist is Yang Chen Gang (杨臣刚).

    In 2005 a Singaporean artist, Jocie Kwok a.k.a. Guo Mei Mei (郭美美), covered the song and that became quite a big hit.

    I've even heard the song in English, although the meaning got lost in translation (and grammar). So, I guess, it depends on which flavour of the song you're after.

    I'm sure if you search for the artists you'll find plenty of links from where to download the song.

    Originally when I wrote the post I was in China and I got the song through search engine, so that might yield some more links if you don't have any success with the likes of Google.

  2. Hey 1Earth!

    The song is great. Love the lyrics. Where can I download this song and the different versions? I saw on YouTube a dance version and an acoustic version.



  3. thanx for the lyrics. i need so much this lyrics. n i can found it in this web. it's so complete. this song have memory on me. thanx a lot . . .

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