Massive downpour – tropical island style

Obviously this is not the first time its raining like this. Oh no, I’ve seen the water stains underneath the windows that face the rain before, and I know it rained hard enough to actually leak in at the top. Usually a combination of rain and wind that. And I’ve also come home a few times with the log that keeps my gate open in strange places.

Oh yes, it’s rained like this before.

I’m on leave this week and I happen to be at home. I happen to be at home to see exactly what goes on when one of those terrible downpours are going… well, down. I will never be easy at work again.

My outside kitchen is probably flooding as I’m typing this and my living room is about another 30 minutes worth of downpour away from flooding as well. In that respect I’m lucky, because I don’t have any real furniture on the ground floor, except my fridge – but the legs are quite high and it’s easy enough to switch those off.

Having typed that I ran down for a quick look and it seems to be raining softer, because the water level has already dropped. Either that or somebody, the neighbour walking around in the rain perhaps, has unclogged the drains, assuming it was clogged – my end was clear.

But that’s the thing with weather in Kota Kinabalu – it pours down like this, but never lasts for long. So here’s hoping it doesn’t last too much longer.

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