The Wedding Bells

We got picked up by Nav for the wedding, a little later than planned as he got stuck in traffic. Then we got stuck in some more traffic on the way to the wedding reception, and we got lost.

Well, not quite lost – because we could see the venue, Maya Hotel, towering over the surrounding buildings, we just couldn’t figure out how to get there. When we did eventually arrive, Alaggapa came up to us and said “welcome, glad you can make it” and added “you guys are bloody late!”. But it was all good.

We joined Anne and Alagappa’s wedding reception cocktail just in time to have a beer and a whiskey before we proceeded to the main hall of the reception dinner and the main events. We were seated at the Sabahan table, together with other Sabahans who we either knew already, or got to know really fast (Sabahans are like that).

The drink of the night was Whiskey as Alagappa is an absolute connoisseur. I started my night off with some beers, as I knew Whiskey would end the night fairly quickly for me.

Anne and Alagappa, so the legend tells us, met online. After they got to know each other a bit, they traveled to Nepal where they trekked together and where, apparently, it become evident that they would one day be husband and wife. That day had come, and this was their celebration.

The dinner was scrumptious with a few surprising items, like the desert. At first, it looked a bit odd – what looked like dough balls in sugar water and I was hesitant to try it, not feeling too adventurous. However, after my first bite, I was hooked. I’m not sure what the dish is called and whether it’s Malaysia or Indian, but whatever it is, it tastes exactly like the South African koeksisters. I quickly gobbled up mine and everyone else’s who didn’t want to finish it.

The usual series of speeches and toasts were mad and the happy couple did the rounds for pictures with their guest. Anne looked particularly stunning and Alaggapa as handsome as a groom should be. The whiskey came in handy for all the toasts that were being made, but slowly it started to take the toll on the merry makers.

After dinner, those who wanted to continue the party, proceeded to the Sky Lounge, which has a fantastic view of the Petronas Twin Towers, lighting the night very nearby and providing an exceptional backdrop.

The bride eventually retired to her room, with a little assistance from her friends. Shortly after that we departed, and after getting lost again (thanks Nav 😉 ), we got back home at about 3am.

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