Is there an Ikea in Kota Kinabalu?

Is there an Ikea in Kota Kinabalu? No, there isn’t. There, saved you at least 4 minutes of reading that would have ended in disappointment. Go to the next article.

Towards the afternoon of New Year’s Day, the Journo and I were strolling through Warisan Square in Kota Kinabalu, around the 3rd floor of the inside shopping area, when we came across a store neither of us have noticed before. It was a fairly big open space, with some funky looking furniture in it.

Some assembly required. The store, not the furniture.

We’re forever looking for proper furniture, so it grabbed our attention, and we walked in. It’s then that we noticed, as we recently returned from Kuala Lumpur and visited the Ikea there, that much of the products they had on display looked familiar. A closer look revealed that most, if not all, of this store’s products are from Ikea. I, for one, was happy as I’m sure many others may be too.

This new shop in Kota Kinabalu, that sells Ikea products, is called Living Concept, and is on the 3rd floor of Warisan Square. Whether or not it’s affiliated with Ikea I can’t say, because I don’t know, but the shop stocks mostly, or entirely, Ikea products. The ones that we recognised were slightly more expensive than what we remember them from the Kuala Lumpur Ikea, but not a lot more.

There was a whole bunch of stuff at Ikea in Kuala Lumpur that tickled my fancy, but the cost of shipping would have made it a ridiculous buy. And who want’s to buy something ridiculous? Not me. But here we were, in a shop in Warisan Square right here in Kota Kinabalu, facing all these Ikea products.

We browsed through the shop and saw some interesting things. The variety was a bit limited though, so in the end, we left not having seen anything that I really needed, and with nothing purchased.

Last night, however (and here’s a hot tip), after we watched a movie, on our way to Starbucks, we saw them offloading a very big shipping container that was full of more Ikea products.

Update: Since then, Living Concept has come and gone like many other half-baked ideas before it, but people behind Facebook pages like Ikea 4 Sabah and have stepped up to bring in Ikea products for roughly 20% extra.

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  1. hi there, for your info, I've recently been to Living Concept as well. True enough, they are selling Ikea stuff. According to one of their stuff, they do receive booking for other non-displayed Ikea stuff as well… usually with a 25% surcharge. He also added that it usually takes 1 to 3 months as they receive shipment every 3 months. hope this helps all Ikea fans in kk

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