Adventures in the Works

At any point of time in your life you should have something to look forward to.

Yes, it’s true, otherwise you might wake up in the morning and ask yourself questions like ‘why should I bother to get out of bed today?‘.  Currently I have quite a lot to look forward to.

Mission: Quite Possible

Most pressing is my mission at work.  Recently I have been handed the tools I require to produce in-house what would have cost near RM100k to produce outside. The tools come in the form of a Sony HDR-FX7E pro-sumer camera, and a spanking new box set of Adobe CS3 Production Premium.

My computer needs a few adjustments (as in adjust it to be a totally different computer), but the planning stages have commenced, and I’m on a steep learning curve, consuming anything that looks like learning material.  Exciting times ahead.

Flying Disc

Then there’s the upcoming Malaysian Ultimate Open.  It’s an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, but we limit the use of frisbee to the minimum seeing as how it’s a registered trademark and all.  Anyway, it’s a flying disc tournament and Sabah’s sending a team.  I’ve been fiddling around with a logo for the team and it has been handed to our team captain for approval.

Once the logo is a go, which will hopefully be tomorrow, we will have to find 1 more sponsor and have our t-shirts printed.  Richie, one of our top-drawer team members and owner of a guest-house, has graciously agreed to sponsor part of the costs of the t-shirts.

Any takers for the other half?

80’s Party Bus

Tiff is back in town this week and that in itself is a reason to party – the woman don’t need no other reason.  True to Tiff-style, she’s chartering a bus and we’re going party cruising around KK and inevitably pub-hopping.  Theme for the bus (with Tiff, there’s always a theme), is 80’s – so everyone is already scampering to get their fashion disasters dusted and ready for action.

If you see a bus full of party people crawling about KK this Friday, just remember you read it here first.

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