Hurting Knees: Malaysia Ultimate Open Preparation

Today was the last Malaysia Ultimate Open team practice before the tournament next weekend. My knees are hurting and my legs are numb, but it that all the prep we can do for now?

The Malaysia Ultimate Open is next weekend and we’ve been preparing for the last few weeks. Chances are we’ll get our asses kicked, but we’re looking forward to scoring some decent points, winning a game or two, and gaining loads of experience.

Not to mention all the new people we’ll meet and the things we’ll learn. Actually, the last few weekends have been pretty insightful, as we’ve had interesting players join our games.

A Canadian and a few America frisbee players saw our Ultimate Frisbee activities in Sabah on a website somewhere, and decided to join us, something we encourage everybody to do. They gave us tips and experience as to the level out there.

At our stage, we’re happy for any experience and I think our game has solidified a little bit in the last practice sessions.

Yesterday Ken and I did some sprint races and I think that might have been a bit more than I could handle, because my legs really hurt. This week will involve a lot of Frisbee throwing, some light jogging and a few sprints, tapering down towards the weekend. Carbo-loading is also in the mix.

We’ve said goodbye to a few team mates who we’ll only get to see in KL again, so for the rest of the week it’s each to his own.

Anyway, I guess this week I should also get some decent sleep this week and now is a good time to start.

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