It’s the last month of 2008

The clock struck midnight (that was over an hour ago) and my computer’s clock said it’s Monday, December 1. Where has the year gone?  So much has happened.

Far from this being a soppy sentimental post about what was and what may be, it’s really just a celebratory post.  What am I celebrating?  Why, the end of a mammoth posting marathon, that’s what.

These blog entries regarding trips that I take are lots of work – the trip to Thailand took me a full week to complete. I should have been able to do it daily really, because I had my computer with me.  But it was for work, so time not working was spent away from the computer. Luckily I had loads of photos to reference, so it was easy to recall.

Anyway, 7 days, 15 posts and over 100 photos later Tour D Tom Yum has been documented.  The typos and grammar mistakes will get fixed up as I read through them again in the coming days, but for now, I’m shattered.

Off to bed I go.

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