Spuit-poep Begone

Now there’s a name for a diarrhea medicine if ever there was one: Spuit-poep Begone.

Yup, today is day 2 with a fairly normal stomach condition.  I’ve been suffering this spuit-poep on and off for the last two weeks.  It wears you out, it certainly does.  On the up side, my toilet has never been cleaner (have to scrub after every session – sis man! Yes, that is was what I said too).

So I thought about where I’m getting the bug from that’s upsetting my stomach like this and I had to draw the conclusion that it was in my water source.  Ironically, my water source, at home and at work, are shared by other people who have no problem, but likely also much stronger constitutions.

To test my theory I’ve been drinking only bioled water the last two days, as oposed to the reverse-osmosis water I normally drink.  It could, again, be one of those co-incidences, like when I drank the Guiness at Earth Hour, but whatever, the flood-gates, have closed.

The benefits of course, is the weight-loss.  Now if I get down to it for the next two weeks and do situps and weights like I was supposed to for the last four months, I still might just gain sufficient definition on my stomach to fake a six-pack.  But that will require substantial will-power….

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