South African Pilgrimage: And so it starts

My bags are packed and I my lungs are wheezing as I type this because of all the dust I kicked up thoroughly cleaning my house before I leave. At least that’s done too.

Now all that remains is 4 hours of sleep before the long journey back home to Cape Town, the South African pilgrimage, starts.

It’s been nearly 4 long years since I last saw home, but unlike the last time I was heading back, I look forward to this trip a great deal. The Journo and our tried and tested travel buddy, The Sausage, is coming with to discover and rediscover South Africa and the Mother City, Cape Town, with me all over again.

I’ve not gotten excited about this trip before this on purpose. You know how it goes; a gazillion things can go wrong. Even now I’m cautiously excited, as I’m not sitting on the plane yet. Only once the g-forces upon take-off pushes me back in my seat do I truly relax. Only once my stomach sinks as we leave the runway can I let go of my current location.

Our trio will be spending 1 night and two days in Cape Town before we head off on an early morning flight that will see us arrive in time for a breakfast in Cape Town. I’ve missed my mountain, I’ve missed the ice-cold oceans, I’ve missed the colourful people of the rainbow nation.

I look forward to updating my stale memories of Cape Town with new and exciting locations, activities and two great friends. What adventures we will have…

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