Is everything a joke to you?

No, everything is not a joke to me. It’s about choices. Shit happens. It’s well documented.  You have the choice. Cry about it, or laugh about it.  Clearly my choice is to laugh about it.

Does it change things? No, but neither does crying.

I can hear you just as well, and absorb the lesson of whatever blunder has occurred equally well, when I’m laughing as when I’m crying.  You; you go ahead and cry about it. It’s your choice, I’m not going to take that away from you.  Similarly, I will be laughing, as I am afforded the same rights to my emotions as you are to yours.

Is everything a tragedy to you?

You never hear this question, because crying is a perfectly acceptable response to any given situation, happy or sad.  Laughing, however, frowned upon as it is, labeled as insensitive and inappropriate in most circumstances, is just as therapeutic as crying.

In fact, perhaps more so, as I believe laughing releases endorphins, the feel good hormone, along with a slew of other health benefits. Crying on the other hand, does no such thing and only has disorders linked to it.

Laughing is my weapon of choice. It disarms, it defuses, it distracts, delays, postpone and dissolves potential sticky, awkward, uncomfortable and dangerous situations.

No, everything is not a joke to me. But I’ll be laughing about it anyway.

Cry about it.

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Yaku is a brewer, baker, and semi-retired trouble maker (semi-retired from trouble-making that is). Although he believes anything is possible, he is nevertheless frequently stupefied by his world and the people in it.

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