OpenBravo on Ubuntu Server 9.10

Fresh off several failed attempts to make OpenERP work on Ubuntu Sever 9.10, I’m hungry to make something work and so I’m diving straight into installing OpenBravo on Ubuntu Server 9.10.

12.28pm For the sake of starting fresh I’m reinstalling Ubuntu Server 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and then I’ll follow this Installing OpenBravo ERP on Ubunu tutorial.

1:10pm A quick edit of /etc/apt/sources.list to un-comment (remove the # at the start fthe partner repositories from where OpenBravo EPR will be downloaded:

deb karmic partner
deb-src karmic partner

Then just type the next few commands to update the repositories and install OpenBravo ERP.

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install openbravo-erp

It needs to download a staggering 216MB of archives and will then use a whopping 1.3GB of additional disk space.  O dear, here comes a 2 -3 hour download.  Time for lunch.

2.35pm It seems the bulk of the download is done and it’s busy pulling the OpenBravo files down very quickly indeed. Malaysian mirror perhaps?

3.00pm Download seems complete and loads of info notices are flying across the Terminal window as it’s installing and configuring all sorts of stuff.

3.14pm It seems to be done and the message in the terminal window tells me “Installation is now complete! To access your Openbravo instance, please point your browser to http://ip_address/openbravo“. That all seems suspiciously easy.

3.15pm Oh. My. God. It works!!  Now I’m totally unprepared.

I read a lot about OpenERP thinking I’d get that to work and now I have to go on another learning binge to get to know OpenBravo ERP.  I can’t believe that install was so easy.

Time to explore…

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