World Cup Also Has Football Action

I’ll be the last person you’ll ever see at a screening of a regular football (soccer) game, yet, like many, I find the World Cup irresistible. And it’s not just because I’m from South Africa either.

2010 FIFA Football World Cup Country Flags

Fine, a large part of me is drawn to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa for the very reason that it is in South Africa.  Minor parts of me are drawn to it because teams competing against each other on a country-level brings out something very competitive and patriotic in me.

Bafana Bafana – Boys Boys

Bafana Bafana - Boys Boys South African Football team 2010 FIFA World Cup

Of course the team I support first is the South African Football Team, which are known as Bafana Bafana in the same way the South African Rugby Team is known as the Springboks. It’s a term of endearment, which contrary to their Wikipedia page, actually means Boys Boys. From my understanding, at least.

But it seems as if the rumours are true. You know, the rumours that said that the only reason South Africa is in the Football World Cup at all, is because we’re the host nation.

Yes, our national soccer team doesn’t have a fully stocked trophy cabinet –  the Africa Cup of Nations is the only trophy in the cabinet – but we do have some skills.  And one or two players in other country’s club leagues.

So Bafana Bafana might not be the smart choice to bet on, but they’re my number 1 priority to support. Even though, thus far, they’re not doing that great and might soon be out of the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup.  But until they walk off the field for the very last time, I am a South African Football Supporter through and through.

In The Meantime…

While South Africa isn’t playing my allegiance lies with other African teams and Asian teams, and it’s them I root for in games that do not involve South Africans.

I saw the dark side of South African fans in our game against Uruguay.  The vuvuzelas where roaring, the crowds were cheering and then South Africa was 2 down against Uruguay.  Suddenly the vuvuzelas fell silent and the crowds became quiet – shortly after the stadium started to empty.

I know it was a terrible game – South Africa stood around as if they too were spectators.  But for our fans to desert them like that, hurt.  If it hurt me as a fellow supporter, imagine how the team on the field must have felt.  If they had the wind taken out of their sails by the goals against them, I can’t even imagine how the silence of their supporters must have been the kick in the ribs while they were down.

South Africa in the Rest of The World Cup

The 2010 FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa

So, experts and those who know nothing, both agree: South Africa probably won’t advance any further than the pools in the 2010 FIFA World Cup on their home ground.

But France is not exactly in good shape either – in fact, they’re much worse off than Bafana Bafana.  For that reason I think our Boys still have a chance.  A slim chance, but a chance non-the-less.

If we beat France, and we beat them good to get our Goals For up, they might still have a chance.  And if Bafana Bafana wants to take that chance, I will be right behind them cheering to do it with gusto.

I promise that if the team doesn’t let the country down and try their hardest, the country won’t let them down.  You might not win, but at least die trying.

Go Bafana Bafana, go Boys Boys!

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2 thoughts on “World Cup Also Has Football Action

  1. great post, and I fully agree with the sentiment about our Bafana Bafana. I'm a supporter through and through! I may not follow football any other time of the year (or 4 years…), but my wife can't tear me away from the TV for these 4 weeks. I can never understand our fellow South Africans who religiously follow an overseas club team (such as Man Utd), and scorn our local boys… So very sad.

    My priorities, in order, are South Africa, then the rest of Africa, and then any team that plays exciting football, and more importantly, *clean* football.

    1. BaldricMan! I shit you not, just earlier this afternoon I was on your blog wondering why you haven't posted in so long! Good to know you're still alive and haven't been kaap'ed or something.

      Just got back from the pub after seeing Bafana Bafana play the way they should have played all their games. My god, I screamed my lungs out and nearly had a heart attack after they scored Goal 2 and then almost had Goal 3 seconds later.

      Friggen awesome game – I've never been on the edge of my seat for 90 minutes the way I was tonight. Absolutely stunning result, spoiled only by the fact that they could have actually gotten that 5 goal score they needed to pip Mexico (and a middle finger to Uruguay for only scoring one against Mex which didn't help the cause).

      Ah well, now we support the rest of Africa and vicariously share their dream of World Cup glory. Oddly enough, I feel a strange affinity with New Zealand and Australia in this Football World Cup and hope they blaze a trail. Ok – going to bed (it's 1am), hope the buzz wares off soon….

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