Oily Record. Not BP, KFC

The Journo and I had limited time for dinner last night in between Ultimate and a meeting we had to attend, so we went the junk food way. This is a reminder.

KFC, to be exact. We couldn’t remember when last we had KFC, because every time we eat KFC we’re so put off by it that we go for 6 – 9 months without having it again. Then we forget why we stopped eating it, have another meal, and then get put off again.

The way I feel today is exactly why. My stomach is queasy, like there’s something in there that shouldn’t be. Namely fatty, oil soaked, deep fried chicken.

The Journo usually goes for just the chicken pieces. Big, fat, hopefully not hormone injected chicken pieces. Last night she poked it to break off a piece and oily juice ran out of it in a steady trickle. We ignored it.

She pulled off the skin and left on the serviette for a while so that the excess oil could be absorbed into the tissue.

I usually go for the burger. I pretend it’s less oily. It isn’t. The burger just soaks up the oil from the fried chicken patty. You can tell how oily the patty is by looking at the burger bun.

So I thought I’d record the fact that we had KFC last night so that next year when next we feel like having it again, I can look back and read about when and why we last had KFC.

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