Maxis10 & HTC Desire Z – It Starts

On Friday I received a call.

It originated from a landline in Kuala Lumpur, immediate grounds for suspicion, but having handed out my phone number willy-nilly recently because of the upcoming Headhunters Hat Ultimate Tournament, I was expecting calls from anywhere.

I called back, but got through to the central switchboard of an advertising agency, and they couldn’t tell who called me. So I had to wait for a return call.

That I got a call from an advertising agency was intriguing, but I couldn’t guess who called, or why.

An hour or so later I noticed, in TweetDeck, that somebody was paging me. Then 2 and 2 became 4, and I got very excited.

I phoned back and asked for the person who Tweeted me, who was out, but mere minutes later she called back and gave me the good news: I’ve been selected for the Maxis Mobile’s Maxis10 review program.

Unwittingly – but not unwillingly – pulled into the smart phone world

Maxis is a cellphone service provider in Malaysia. Their Maxis10 Review Program is a very successful marketing campaign, and involves picking 10 lucky people to review new phones that they are, or soon will be, offering on their network.

What it means to me in particular is that they will be sending me a brand-spanking-new HTC Desire Z to fiddle with, pick apart and write about – the results of which will be published on this blog and tweeted about on my Twitter account.

It will also, inevitably, be used on my Facebook account, but if you’re not my friend on Facebook there’s probably a good reason for that, and no point linking to it here.

But alas, soon I will be Smart Phone enabled and totally plugged in with no future prospects of being plugged out ever again.

Something to Blog About

Yes, for the next two weeks I will actually have something specific to blog about; the HTC Desire Z; to be specifically specific.

The party starts tomorrow, I think, in Kuala Lumpur. I, being in East Malaysia, will have to wait for a courier package before I can have my fun, but, have I been promised, that will happen soon.

And if I’m really good, I hope, they will let me keep the phone…

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