A Day in the Life of the HTC Desire Z – Part 2

This is Part 2 of A Day in the Life of the HTC Desire Z. I left you hanging just before lunch, so join me as we continue…

How About Something To Eat?

12:15 – By lunchtime my battery has gone about 1/4 down. The HTC Desire Z has been running on either GPRS or WiFi since I left the house this morning, so the phone is obviously not that hungry.

I, on the other hand, am ravenous, which means it’s time for lunch. I head to Centre Point and, as my FourSquare account is now set up and I’m connected to the 3G network, I check into 5-Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & BBQ Pork and upload a pic of lunch, just to try a picture in another setting.

Incoming call for an unknown number screen grab
The HTC Desire Z SMS Stack

To prevent myself from gobbling my lunch in one foul swoop I decide to try a little entertainment. My girlfriend’s addicted to AngryBirds, so I download the app. It zooms down from the Android Market in a few minutes – and it’s the full version, and FREE.

I AngryBird my way through half my lunch and it gets interrupted by a voice call. I took a call in my quiet office before and the sound quality was crisp and clear. Now I’m in the noisy restaurant so I’m eager to hear the difference.

At first the caller is a bit soft, but after shifting the phone around a bit so that the earphone speaker is actually in my ear, the volume and clarity is as good as you’d expect. Whilst I’m on the phone a hear a notification sound and guess that I got a text message too.

After the call a swipe to the side accesses the messages, which are graphically stacked on top of each other, with the most recent at the top. I like being able to swipe through the stack to access the various recent messages, but I find it annoying that seeing the message doesn’t mark it as read – you have to tap and access the message before that happens.

When you flip the phone its side typing becomes easier. When you slide out the keyboard, it's just pure typing bliss

I reply by flipping the phone sideways and sliding out the keyboard. It makes typing longer messages extremely fun, and it’s significantly faster than the onscreen keyboard, although I quite enjoy that too. My big fingers have no problems with either than slide-out or the onscreen keyboard.

With lunch over it’s time to head back to the office.

Back at the Office Again

13:30 – The HTC Desire Z automatically detects the office WiFi network and seamlessly turns off the GPRS and logs on the WiFi with the password it remembered.

We’re having an office Christmas party today and while I was out a colourful arrangement appeared on the table, begging for photos of it to be taken. I oblige with some more photos and add a few effects built into the HTC Desire Z.

With so much to explore on the HTC Desire Z in between work assignments, the end of the day comes quickly.

Out in the Open

Favourites list of people with their last activities shown for a quick catchup

18:10 – Very near the office is a new pub which deserves a try and beer that deserves drinking. Via GPRS I check into FourSquare and upload a photo of a nice cold Kilkenny. It’s all very quick, in fact, a little surprisingly so – Maxis Mobile Internet is decently fast.

I added a list of my most frequently contacted people to my favourites, and I’ve linked them all up to the unified inbox. This means that their name, numbers, Facebook and Twitter all appears in one place, and for those I contact most often, all on the favourites list.

I can see their last actions from the favourites list. Some text me, some were on Facebook and others were on Twitter. A very handy little update as to what everyone’s up to.

As I’m waiting for somebody I decide to try one of the games that came pre-installed on the HTC Desire Z; Teeter. It’s a quite addictive little balancing game, and I can’t help but notice that the emptier my pint of beer gets, the more difficult it gets to drop the little ball down the right hole…

My company for the evening arrives and not wanting to be totally anti-social, I put away my shiny new gadget to have some real life conversations.

And that’s a Day in the Life of the HTC Desire Z.

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