Last Day on the Road

Well, after 3 days of road tripping from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan, we’re almost home. And just in time for New Year’s Eve too.

Image by KENNETH RODRIGUES from Pixabay
Image by KENNETH RODRIGUES from Pixabay

We left KK on Tuesday, the 3 J’s, traveling in my MyVi, and heading for Sandakan, compelled by several reasons.

1, it was the Journo’s birthday and she wanted to do something different;
2 it was the last opportunity for the 3J’s to do a road trip together, and
3 I’ve never been to the east coast of Sabah.

3 days and several hundred kilometers later we are now near Kundasang where we stayed overnight. We’re about to head out to the Kundasang War Memorial and then, hopefully, home back to Kota Kinabalu.

It’s New Year’s Eve and there is some celebrating to do.

This post was typed out on an HTC Desire Z using WordPress for Android from the Rose Cabin near Kundasang.

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