Central World Plaza Bangkok


It was inevitable; the Journo coming to pray at her fashion temple that is the multi level Forever21 store here at Central World Plaza, and me, respectfully waiting around for her to finish.

I did have my own intentions though; a wax. And unlike that Boy’zillian adventure in KL before, this time it really was to prevent chaffing.

My plans were cut short though as we walked in to Honey Pot, another Singapore born waxing salon.

The Journo asked if they do Brazillian Waxing, the therapists nodded vigorously until the Journo pointed at me and asked “for men?”

They stopped nodding and their jaws nearly dropped. That didn’t bode well. The one therapist asked in broken English while slowly pointing at my behind, “you want wax my… your… ass!?”

I laughed, and said “among other things, yes”, gesturing to the other areas which would be involved.

But it was clear that they either never, or very rarely wax men, never mind foreign men. The Journo asked if they do lots of men, and they said yes, but not so often.

Yeah right, I thought, not so ever.

So we left saying we’ll have to think about it, but their lack of confidence already had me make up my mind. The furry me lives another day.

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