Siam & MBK – More Shopping Adventures


Ah, see? I knew I wasn’t done being dragged to shopping centres in Bangkok yet.

Woke up fresh this morning after deciding to buck the trend and a) not get trollied at the field, and b) not get trollied after the field either.

Instead, after the festivities died down at the field post finals, we headed home, showered and went for a very deserving massage.

Predictably all in our group of 5 nodded off during the massage, but awoke invigorated and hungry. After we greedily gobbled down dinner, we went back, to bed, and quickly off to dreamland, all before midnight.

This morning we were all bright eyed and bushy tailed by 9:30am, and the Journo and I headed off to Platinum Fashion mall and the South African Embassy in Bangkok, respectively.

I spent about 60 pleasant minutes at the embassy, before meeting up with the 3Rs at Siam Paragon and shortly after, with the Journo at Platinum.

We OD’ed on Thai food in the food court there, where I had 2 helpings of Krapow Moo, mostly because I can. Traffic, taxis and lots of walking later, I’m back in the comfortable, WiFi equipped confines of Coffee World in MBK, while the girls are doing what they love most; shopping.

I’m just about ready for another massage though, because my leg is feeling particularly crampy, so off I go…

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