Upgraded to WordPress 3.1 – A snippet

I was just reading Matt Mullenweg’s post about the new WordPress 3.1, and after backing up the 42.8Mb database (!) decided to upgrade and see what’s new.

The changes are subtle, but already the first thing I noticed was when I linked the text above – the link box that comes up shows your own posts, in a searchable format, from which to choose in case you want to link to your own content.

Matt also says in that post that WordPress is more of a CMS than ever before, which is awesome news, especially for this monster website with the hundreds of media assets that I’m working on over at DiveDownbelow.com.

The Tumblr-style custom styling for different types of posts are also exciting, but I will have to read up more about that later, as I think it might be a bit involved. I do notice the new Format box below the publish box, which is where I’m assuming the custom posts will be listed.

All in all I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty on the new WordPress 3.1 – but it’s 01:52am now, so I reckon sleep comes first.

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