Suunto DM4 Dive Computer Software for Mac

The world of Apple Mac is growing at an exponential rate, which means even if you can’t see it immediately, there usually is a Mac derivative for your favourite software.

At first glance you might think Suunto dive computers don’t have native software for Mac, and that your only option is MacDive software for Mac (the full version of which isn’t free, and I couldn’t get to work with the Suunto D6). But, that’s not so.

Scratching deeper than just the surface however, reveals that the Mac version of Suunto’s dive computer software is actually pretty well hidden.

It’s not, for instance, clearly visible on their website, but after several searches, forums and followed links, I somehow ended up back on the Suunto website in their news section, on an article published in October 2011.

A screen grab of the Suunto DM4 Dive Computer Software

That article refers to a page on – a Suunto service that apparently plays well with the Suunto DM4 dive computer software I was looking for.

That article also had the links below.

To get the Suunto DM4 dive computer software to run on your Apple Mac you, annoyingly, need 2 pieces of software.

  1. the Mono development framework (What!? Never mind, just download it);
  2. the actual Suunto DM4 dive computer software (which doesn’t work without 1 – apparently) – links directly to the downloadable file, there are no longer links to it elsewhere on

Install 1, and then 2, and voila! native Suunto dive computer software is yours to enjoy on Apple Mac.

I don’t dive all that much and certainly don’t have a dive computer, so I won’t attempt to review the software, but it creates a bunch of pretty charts out of your dive data. Ooo.

So, download your own copy (it’s free) and have your way with it.

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    1. Same here. I have three Suunto dive computers. None of them work with this software. I can see why people make fun of me when I tell them I use Suunto products.

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