Mr Grumpy, Mr Amiable and Mr Obnoxious

“That’s terrible,” I reply to a friend who comments how un-grumpy I was during a recent, fun night out. “From now on,” I mock-threaten, “I’m going to make sure my blood-alcohol level is always 0.04.”

“A little alcohol dissolves Mr. Grumpy and surfaces Mr. Amiable,” I argue, “although,” I say, cautioning myself more than her, “too much alcohol strips away Mr. Amiable and exposes Mr. Obnoxious.”

After a good, head-back belly-laugh she says “Mr. Amiable is pleasant and all, but rather generic.”

“Mr. Obnoxious, on the other hand, is pretty entertaining.”

Mr Obnoxious Is Not For Everyone

No, Mr. Obnoxious is not for everyone.

He easily pisses people off, because Mr. Obnoxious in annoyingly direct, quite unrestrained (or unrestrainable, as the case may be) and more than just a little never-minded and overbearing.

He dances however he likes, often badly if on his own, and with whomever happens to be nearby. He sings loudly, even though he can’t really keep a tune. And will do random things, like call-out a 27-year old for calling herself over-the-wall, and then agree that she’s on to something when he hears she’s a model.

Different alcohols surfaces a different intensity of Mr. Obnoxious. Too much beer is rather innocuous, but too much spirits – heavens help – extremely noxious!

Mr. Obnoxious has been known to start ice-down-shirt-and-pants wars and once, New Year’s Party 2012 if the annals are reliable, photos would have us believe he grappled nearby party-goers.

In spite of all this and aside from Mr. Obnoxious being, well, obnoxious, I quite admire the way his character is true to itself and unapologetic. Mr. Obnoxious is who he is, he does what he does, and he feels what other people think and say about him is none of his business.

For all his flaws, I admire that about Mr. Obnoxious and want to be more like him.

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Yaku is a brewer, baker, and semi-retired trouble maker (semi-retired from trouble-making that is). Although he believes anything is possible, he is nevertheless frequently stupefied by his world and the people in it.

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