Sending / Receiving Non Gmail Email Through Gmail

A quick tutorial on how to send and receive non-Gmail email through Gmail. For this tutorial, we’ll use a fictious email account named

I don’t know about you, but I have Gmail open all day, so having to go somewhere else to check emails would be cumbersome. As it is, I have several email account for various things, but they all come into my Gmail account. Nice and neat.

So here’s how to import a non-Gmail account into your Gmail.

  1. Log into Gmail, click on the Gear Icon, select Settings
  2. From the Settings page select Accounts & Import


  3. Go to the Check mail from other accounts section, and click Add a POP3 mail account you own




  4. A separate window pops up asking for the email address of the account you want to check. Type it in, click next.
  5. The next form wants details of your INCOMING SERVER, so fill in the username, password, POP server (something like, port (varies between hosts). You also have these options:
    1. Leave a copy on the server – if you tick this, the email will be marked as read, not retrieved again, but left on the server. It’s best to leave this blank so that it removes it from the server, otherwise your email inbox might eventually fill up and prevent you from receiving more email.
    2. Always use a secure connection. If you can, it’s good to use. But it depends on your hosts setup. If you have issues later, leave this unchecked.
    3. Label incoming messages. Yes, it’s good to tick this to see which messages in your inbox came from where.
    4. Archive incoming message. Not sure why you would tick this, but then all the email will go straight to the archive folder.
  6. When you’re happy with your info, click Add Account


  7. If it worked, it will tell you and ask you if you also want to send email as this account. Yes, you do, so be sure to choose that option and click Next Step


  8. In the next window fill in your name and untick Treat as an alias


  9. Next, you want to fill in the details of your OUTGOING SERVER, so fill in the deets. Make sure to select Send through SMTP servers, in addition to your SMTP server (either again or something like, and the rest. The default Secured connection via SSL should work, but if you have issues try TLS instead. The port should be as per your host. When you’re happy, click Add Account.
  10. If everything worked as planned, it will congratulate you on setting up your email, tell you a test email has been sent, and offer you a box where to input a confirmation code. You can either go find the email and copy-paste to confirmation code, or close this window and just click on the link that will be in the confirmation email.
  11. Either way, once you’ve done the step above, you will now see new entries in your Send Mail As and Check Mail Using POP3 sections, which means you can now send email through Gmail as if you were using directly, plus you have all the benefits of Gmail too.

And there you have it, non Gmail email received and sent through Gmail.

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