Restart: Writing for Practice

Imago… too cliched?

According to the official (read: publicly visible) records of this site, I haven’t created a new post since April 2016. We’ll, I’ve taken on some new responsbilities at work which requires me to write a lot, and I can tell you, I need the practise.

Thus, a return to blogging and, for now, an aim of some ramblings at least once a week. It will intentionally be minimally edited, becuase the idea is to try and articulate my thoughts in the first or second pass.

A brief catchup

In early 2014 I met the Love of my life. It was a significant event as it was the start of life devoid of drama. Never in my life had I been in such an effortless relationship, one devoid a tamult, anguish, angst, anger, frustration. I’m still unsure of how it can so good and real at the same time.

It was life changing, because I never realised how timeconsuming and draining relationsihp drama was until it was removed from the equation. Where previously relationships sucked the oxygen out of my life, I could now breathe, and with lungs filled with vigor I managed to go so much further in other parts of life. And boy, did I cover some distance in the 7 years since. The Love of my life is still my life, and our Love has multiplied.

Looking ahead

I look forward to writing again. I’ll see what finds traction so it will be a mixed bag for the forseeable until I again find something that I’m passionate about (which I also don’t have any qualms about sharing in public).

After being intensely passionate about specifically craft beer since I first tasted and then started brewing it in 2009, my passion for that flared and fizzled to a point where I now barely drink, and then it’s likely a glass of wine. Similarly with my passion for Ultimate, a sporting bug that bit me in 2008 and coursed through every fibre of my being for 10 years, but has dwindled to a point where I’m down to just 2 discs, neither of which have been thrown in the last 2 years.

I’m still passionate about WordPress and I’m excited to explore the possiblities of the block editor. And more so WooCommerce, although that’s my daily bread and butter and the very thing I need the pratice writing for. Perhaps HowTos about that will help clarify the thoughts I need to distill for work.

Let’s see where it goes. Are you in?

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