Mr Grumpy, Mr Amiable and Mr Obnoxious

“That’s terrible,” I reply to a friend who comments how un-grumpy I was during a recent, fun night out. “From now on,” I mock-threaten, “I’m going to make sure my blood-alcohol level is always 0.04.” “A little alcohol dissolves Mr. Grumpy and surfaces Mr. Amiable,” I argue, “although,” I say, cautioning myself more than her,Continue reading “Mr Grumpy, Mr Amiable and Mr Obnoxious”

Springboks beat All Blacks 32 – 29 Tri Nations Champions

After a nail-biting match the Springboks managed to stave off the All Black’s last ditch surge, and won what might as well have been the Tri Nations finals, 32 – 29 to claim the Tri Nations 2009 trophy.

Rick Astley Dead: Rickrolled

With a few consecutive celebrity deaths this month, some people may be prone to believing a report of yet another. But when Twitter lights up with tweets that specifically Rick Astley is dead, your first response surely has to be that of suspicion. Some poor soul at Malaysia’s the was no suspicious enough.