Garlic & Onions against Teeth Plaque?

It’s a known fact that eating garlic and onions make you socially repulsive, but garlic and onions also have known curative properties. Garlic, for one, is known, and I have personal experience with this, to drastically lower blood cholesterol.  The downside is that you have to take it chopped and, yes, raw – for atContinue reading “Garlic & Onions against Teeth Plaque?”

Disable, Limit and Delete WordPress Revisions

For me, a major WordPress Blog annoyance is the WordPress Revisions feature. It essentially saves a copy of your post or page every time you update it. If you share my frustration, here’s how to stop or limit WordPress Revisions and clean current revisions from your database.

Repair XP MBR with only an Ubuntu Live CD

I just deleted an old Ubuntu off the Journo’s dual-boot Ubuntu/XP HP Pavillion, and along with it Ubuntu’s Grub and her Master Boot Record (MBR), which of course rendered the machine useless. Sigh. I had an Ubuntu 10.04 Lycid Lynx Live CD at hand (never leave home without it), so here’s how to repair anContinue reading “Repair XP MBR with only an Ubuntu Live CD”

District 9 – A Must See

So yesterday we had one of our mass movie outings to go see District 9.  Up until last Wednesday night I’ve seen the posters and I’ve read the tag-lines, but I haven’t really paid attention to it, until the Journo told me that it’s a South African director and it’s set in South Africa.