Kota Kinabalu International Airport Terminal 2

Kota Kinabalu International Airport Termina 2 is a LCCT. For the uninitiated, that stands for Low Cost Carrier Terminal.

Yup, in the world of no-frills travel, Malaysia is surely among the leaders with its AirAsia headed by the charismatic, Asian version of Richard Branson, Tony Fernandez.

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Reducing my Environmental Footprint

Last week I got up one morning at 8.30am. An astonishing feet considering it was my holiday week, but stuff had to be done. Most prominently my recycle stash, which had been growing and growing and nearly outgrew the little storage space underneath the stairs. So that had to go.

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Massive downpour – tropical island style

Obviously this is not the first time its raining like this. Oh no, I’ve seen the water stains underneath the windows that face the rain before, and I know it rained hard enough to actually leak in at the top. Usually a combination of rain and wind that. And I’ve also come home a few times with the log that keeps my gate open in strange places.

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PADI Certification Day 1

Wouldn’t exactly say it was the most exciting day ever, but it did get me going. Today was my first day in diver training school. Got up this morning at a very reasonable 8am, with time to spare before my 8:45 class in town. Took my sweet time getting up too, snoozed a few times more than what I would have liked to.

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