The Colour is Back

And so, another birthday came and went.

I never did add the details I thought I would when I originally wrote this post. Truth be told, I added and then deleted some, but I thought even this shell is still an important reminder of the future history that unfolded from this point forward.

For that reason it has been preserved.

All I will say is ‘damn those butterflies!’

Naive me

Online once more

So, there I was with all these emotions running through my head an nowhere to dump it. Had to get online, but it was a bit of challenge without a creditcard, but hey – Anything is Possible right?

Damn right. So here I am. Technically this is the first post in this blog. After all, this is [WordPress] genesis. But there will be older posts which are not the first.

Here we go again.

Pain in the neck (and upper back)

Sitting in front of the computer is fun. Unless you are engrossed in something and you don’t notice the time pass. Before you know it, you’ve sat in one position, hand on the mouse, for 3 hours. No problem, you’re a keyboard monkey and can do this for days.

However, you try to move your arm, and a spasm is produced in your back, so painful it hurts to breathe.

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Gotta love you / Bu de bu ai ( 不的不爱 )

I got the Chinese lyrics and the Idiomatic Translation from a site and also used it to assist with the conversation to Pinyin. As the words on that site was in bitmap format, I retyped it so it’s easy to copy and paste.

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Two Butterflies / Liang Zhi Hu Die ( 两只蝴蝶 )

Here’s an English version. It retained the melody, but the words are not the same as the Chinese version or that translated below:

The lyrics below comprise the following:

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