AirAsia Might Care – It Remains to Be Seen

Spoiler: they don’t!

So, @AskAirAsia eventually replied to virtually all my tweets from yesterday with what might as well be bad AI robot replies (or a really bored person copy-&-pasting).

Except for one, which appeared slightly less robotic. It asks to write them via their online feedback form.

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PADI Presentation Problems in PowerPoint for Mac

Previously PADI didn’t include the PADI Open Water Course PowerPoint presentation with their IDC Crew Pack, but now they do.

Unfortunately, on some Apple Macs the IDC Crew Pack Open Water PowerPoint presentation doesn’t work so well. Here’s how to fix it.

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Ubuntu 12.04 and BCM4312 LP-PHY Not Connecting to Wireless

After nearly a year of touching nothing but Apple Macs, we experienced a sudden computer shortage in the office and I had to breathe life into an old Compaq Presario CQ40.

The old machine was heavily bogged down by Windows Vista, so I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 and was up and running in no time… until I couldn’t connect to the WiFi.

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Bukit Aman Police Station Phishing Scam

The phone rings this morning from a KL number I don’t pay attention to, and it’s a guy speaking slowly in Malay.

I hear my name, but understand nothing else, so after his spiel I tell him I don’t speak Malay. “Inspector Teng,” he says he is, “from Bukit Aman.”

Oh dear, I think to myself, my activist activities have finally caught up with me…

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Suunto DM4 Dive Computer Software for Mac

The world of Apple Mac is growing at an exponential rate, which means even if you can’t see it immediately, there usually is a Mac derivative for your favourite software.

At first glance you might think Suunto dive computers don’t have native software for Mac, and that your only option is MacDive software for Mac (the full version of which isn’t free, and I couldn’t get to work with the Suunto D6). But, that’s not so.

Scratching deeper than just the surface however, reveals that the Mac version of Suunto’s dive computer software is actually pretty well hidden.

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iCal Google Calendar Update Delete Problem

By the time this post propagates the problem might likely be solved, but it’s worth a mention for poor plebs like me who spent their whole morning trying to find out what’s going on.

iCal on Apple Mac can’t delete calendar entries from connected Google Calendars.

Delete an entry in your Google Calendar connected iCal and watch it try to update

From a user’s point of view, the problem is simple: some users tried to sync iCloud and it wiped out all their Google Calendar entries.

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