Howto: HTC Desire Z Screen Capture From Apple iMac

I’m about to tackle my first Maxis10 HTC Desire Z review, but in order to do so with gusto, I need to be able to take HTC Desire Z screen captures, and I’m using an Apple iMac, where things just work… a little differently.

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Maxis10 & HTC Desire Z – It Starts

On Friday I received a call.

It originated from a landline in Kuala Lumpur, immediate grounds for suspicion, but having handed out my phone number willy-nilly recently because of the upcoming Headhunters Hat Ultimate Tournament, I was expecting calls from anywhere.

I called back, but got through to the central switchboard of an advertising agency, and they couldn’t tell who called me. So I had to wait for a return call.

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iCal Shows Date But Not Time in Appointments

Just had to deal with yet another thing on Mac, which didn’t just work. Encountering quite a lot of those recently, so here’s just a note to remember what and how for my future reference.

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Batch 4: Coopers English Bitter

Hey, what’s brewing? Me!

This time around I wanted just a good, hassle free beer, so decided on a no-frills Coopers English Bitter with a Light Malt Extract as a little something extra.  Of course, my brews are never without some element of disaster.

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Excel Formula To Generate 13 Digit Barcode Check Digit

I was preparing data in an Excel spreadsheet for import into an OpenBravoPOS database, and needed to generate check digits for my custom barcodes. 

Here’s the Excel formula I constructed to generate a 13-digit barcode check digit.

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Garlic & Onions against Teeth Plaque?

It’s a known fact that eating garlic and onions make you socially repulsive, but garlic and onions also have known curative properties.

Garlic, for one, is known, and I have personal experience with this, to drastically lower blood cholesterol.  The downside is that you have to take it chopped and, yes, raw – for at least 2 weeks. Say goodbye to your non garlic-eating friends.

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